Men's, Women's, and Small Groups

In the world in which we live, superficial friends are everywhere, but people who really love and care for us are hard to find. At Journey Church, our goal is for community groups to be a place where true friendship and community is found, as we live life together. Our desire is that in groups all over Topeka, real people will feel the freedom to live their lives together while experiencing the authentic community for which each of us longs and was designed. CONTACT US - PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR NAME AND CONTACT INFO. We have groups meeting throughout the week. To find out more information about these groups and how you can be a part please e-mail:

Look for new Small Group information in January.

FAQ - Journey Groups

How is childcare handled?

Many groups have childcare available. However, each group handles it differently. Some groups have on-site care for kids attending group with their parents while others use different methods, but rest assured, we’ve built a system with you in mind and if childcare is the only thing keeping you from signing up for a group, email your pastoral staff at with your concerns.

Why do groups have a start date and an end date?

With hectic work, school and kids schedules that you have to juggle, we want to be clear on what you are committing to. We want you to be able to give high priority to being able to attend your group as regularly as possible. Groups break for the summer and winter, and in place of them we offer various “play groups” that you can get involved in. The next fall or spring give you a great opportunity to re-connect with the same group you loved or to join a group that better fits your schedule.

Does it cost me anything to join a group?

Each group may have a different cost and unless it is published in the sign up guide, you will find out the cost at your first group meeting. We don't want cost to keep anyone from participating, so even though you will find out the cost at the first group meeting, we have plenty of scholarships built into our budget to accommodate providing study material at no cost for anyone that is unable to pay. Normal studies cost between 3 and 12 dollars for the entire semester.